Enjoy a moment of relax…

…in our spa centre

Tranquillity and relax are available for our guests at Belvedere Dolomites Flower Hotel in Moena, in Val di Fassa. For those who want to hide in a space devoted to wellness, or to relax after a day on the slopes or in the woods, or for those who just want to take care of themselves! At Belvedere Dolomites Flower Hotel Spa you will find various ways to relax:

  • Kneipp cure, intended to reactivate circulation,
  • Hay bath, a therapy that gets its origins from the Tyrolean peasants’ huts,
  • the classic Finnish sauna,
  • Turkish bath,
  • hot tub,
  • aromatic spray showers.

We inform our guests that entrance to the spa area is not permitted to children under 14 years.

“Kraxenhofen”- Calorefieno

The pleasant and humid warmth together with vapor and the active substances of mountain hay flows down your back to your knees. The openings in our loungers, which are made of finest wood, ensure the correct distribution of warmth on your skin that envelopes your skin. You will immediately have sense of warmth, comfort and ease. The pure hay of our Tyrolese mountain pasture, its natural active substances and the essential oils will stimulate your whole being.

Breathing will become a pleasure and a relief. You will feel a pleasant and natural sensation of warmth and well-being and you will smell a delicate fragrance. You will find some beneficial relief in Calorefieno especially if you move with difficulties or if you have rheumatisms. Our particular technique of vaporization ensures the constant temperature at the same level. The active substances of our mountain pasture hay can radiate for longer and have a lasting effect.

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