On holidays with your pet in Moena

with your pet at the Pet Friendly Hotel in the Fassa Valley

Being on holidays with your dog is relaxing and fun only if the hotel is truly pet friendly and the Belvedere Dolomites Flower Hotel, in the Fassa Valley, is the first hotel in Moena that welcomes your animal friends and also provides you with a number of exclusive extra services for them!

Pet friendly services:

  • We have opened and equipped a private walking area adjacent to the hotel: our hotel is the first in Trentino to have a private dog garden!
  • You can have your meals with your pet in our beautiful wooden stube;
  • You can enjoy the surrounding nature with your pet;
  • Almost all the rooms have a floor suitable for your pets, covered in parquet, easy and convenient to clean and sanitize;
  • In the room you will find a welcome kit to use during the holiday;
  • We have special agreement with the veterinary service.

The daily cost per pet is 18.00 euros.

For organizational and hygienic reasons and to preserve the tranquility of all guests, we can accommodate only 1 dog per room.


The “dog etiquette” at the Belvedere Dolomites Flower Hotel

We know that a dog can be perfectly trained but in an unfamiliar environment and in the presence of other animals it could behave differently than usual. For this reason, please read the following short “dog etiquette” memorandum and enjoy fantastic holidays!

  • When you bring your dog for breakfast and dinner, please keep it on a leash and close to you, preferably under the table;
  • Your dog will have a dog bed in the room so it can sleep next to you and leave you the exclusive use of the bed. Please remember that we will be forced to charge you for the replacement or cleaning of damaged or soiled sheets or blankets;
  • Our hens will be very happy to know that your pets are kept on a leash outdoors; our receptionists will show you how to reach the dog playground;
  • Dogs really like taking a nice walk in the early morning, but in the hotel, there are also guests without pets who take advantage of the holiday to rest: please be careful that your dog does not wake them up by barking;
  • We are constantly committed to always keeping our large and beautiful outdoor spaces clean and tidy, but we also rely on your collaboration: if your dog loves our hotel so much that it wants to mark it as its territory, please clean the spot with watering cans available at the hotel.

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